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*Loki awaited for the next three prisoners to be taken to his presence. Each straggler whom comes close to the palace are captured and sent to the dungeons below the palace, until Loki passes judgment. He read the messy handwriting of the guard who interrogate the three. The information provided the god with the basic background of each intruder. The next three were far too interesting to just slaughter.*

*The door opened and the three strangers were thrown in front of the god who rose a brow as they caught his unearthly gaze* A Mutant, Survivor and Goddess. How strange such peculiar individuals would stumble on the palace of your new employer *A large grin spread across his features as he walked towards the three*

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    "Leanore," she said. "My name is Leanore. But people just call me Lee." She calmed down a bit, and her flames slowly...
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    *The god took a small step back as he expressed a slight smirk* Now where would be the fun in that? *He spoke...
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    "This is insulting giant. And to think I came here with wondrously twisted intentions." With a wicked grin her bond...